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Companion Gravestones For Two

As the name itself indicates, companion gravestones or gravestones for two are large stones meant to mark the graves of a loving couple. They help memorialize the couple together instead of separately.

Double gravestones have sufficient space to accommodate the names, dates of birth, and dates of death of the couple.

When one of these two individuals dies, the names of the both the individuals and the date of birth and death of the deceased person are engraved on the stone, leaving some space vacant for the other one.

In the future, when the other partner also departs from the world, his or her details are then added on the gravestone.

As the stone is already installed at the burial site after the death of the first partner, it is erected, engraved with the remaining details and again installed after the loss of the second partner.

You can opt for a companion gravestone even if both the partners have not been disposed of in the same way.

For instance, if one is buried and the other is cremated, you can bury the cremation urn containing ashes atop or alongside the body of the other partner and mark the site with a large headstone for two.

Like single headstones, double headstones, too, are made of attractive, durable and resilient materials. Hence, granite and bronze companion markers are considered excellent.

Moreover, you can get beautiful and meaningful symbols or some other personalized design engraved on the stone. A nice photo of the couple, too, can be laser etched on the stone.

Besides, you may purchase a double gravestone with a single vase at the center or two vases at the sides. As these gravestones are larger than single headstones, they tend to be higher in price.

When choosing a companion headstone for a couple make sure you check the cemetery regulations and specifications for the same. The best place to look for a companion gravestone is a local monument dealer.

In addition, you can browse through designs at online stores such as www.memorials.com, www.buymemorials.com, www.monuments.com , and so on.

When purchasing online, make sure you shop from a credible and reliable store. Most funeral homes also keep headstones but as per the Funeral Rule, you are not obliged to buy from them.

As a double gravestone is mostly bought after the death of a single partner when the other one is still living, it reduces the stress of selecting the memorial marker twice.

Moreover, apart from symbolizing the couple’s unending love, honoring their bond, and providing comfort to the family, it works as a pre-need purchase for the future and helps save money.

On the flip side, having installed the headstone once, it is supposed to be erected again upon the death of the other partner.

Nevertheless, you can avoid this trouble by opting for a bronze double marker with a scroll. Thus, when required, the bronze scroll can be engraved and then attached to the grave marker without removing it from its place.