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Gravestone Ideas To Memorialize Teenagers

Headstones or gravestones for teenagers can be inspired by their young and energetic personalities. They may be engraved with exciting symbols representing their hobbies, interests, and passions like music, sports, etc.

Thus, you can get a bike, sports car, guitar, musical note, piano, a computer or a gadget (for a geek) or some other similar item engraved on the tombstone marking the youngster’s grave.

Besides, you can go for meaningful symbols such as dove, butterfly, praying hands, angels, the Bible, cross, sacred heart, light/lamp, and so on.

These traditional symbols denote peacefulness, eternal life, resurrection, etc. in the hope to bring comfort to the deceased. Partially bloomed rose, in particular, signifies a teenager.

“In the English language there are orphans and widows, but there is no word for the parent who loses a child.”
–  Jodi Picoult

In addition, you can consider adding an interesting inscription or epitaph on the gravestone. After all, it reflects the departed individual’s personality.

So, you can add humorous and funny inscriptions, too, as teenagers usually have a great sense of humor. You may read some funny tombstone epitaphs at this site.

Besides, if the departed teenager had a favorite song with meaningful lyrics, then you can get a portion of the lyrics engraved on the gravestone to memorialize him or her.

You may take a few lines from a poem, or even compose a short poem yourself, too. Those who are more religiously inclined can get a Bible quote engraved on the tombstone.

Furthermore, the headstone need not be of rectangular shape. You can choose from a variety of shapes such as oval, circle, heart, cross, scroll, Star of David, open book, or some other design.

Plus, you can add a matching vase and plaque, especially if it is a bronze marker. The gravestone can also be personalized by getting a nice photo of the teenager laser etched on the stone. Read about other unique ideas for headstones, here.

It is suggested to purchase headstones from local monument companies. These dealers are usually aware of the type of headstones that the cemeteries in local area allow. Thus, their headstones are not likely to be rejected by the cemetery.

In case you buy from some other store, though, you will have to check the cemetery rules and regulations thoroughly as they tend to have guidelines for the size, material, shape, style, and other aspects of headstones.

You can get wonderful gravestone designs at www.themonumentartist.com, www.memorials.com, www.monuments.com, www.buymemorials.com , and so on.

If you are bothered about the type of headstone material you should opt for, then you can consider granite, marble, limestone, bronze, fieldstone, slate, sandstone, soapstone, stainless steel, etc.

Of these, granite and bronze are the most popular because they are durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. Plus, apart from white, you may select a beautiful color like black, grey, blue, green, pink, red, and so on.