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Gravestone Options for Cremation Burials

Gravestones, headstones, and grave markers are typically placed over graves to pay respects to the deceased. However, owing to the increase in cremation rates, they are now being used for cremation burials too.

Cremation burial refers to the burial or internment or the cremated remains of a deceased. More often than not, people prefer to get the cremated remains of their loved ones buried in family plots.

A family plot refers to an area purchased in a cemetery that is dedicated to the family. It generally has one single large gravestone engraved with the family name and small individual headstones for each family member.

Plus, most cemeteries offer specific plots for cremated remains. These urn burial plots can be marked with gravestones or grave markers. If there is no such provision then unmarked areas have adjacent walls for memorial plaques. Rules and regulations for the burial or internment of cremated remains may vary from one cemetery to another.

Cremated remains can also be buried in urn gardens or other memorial sites and marked with cremation headstones. As the burial of cremated remains requires lesser space than burial for a body, these plots tend to be lower in cost.

Coming to gravestones and grave markers for cremation burials, you can choose from a variety of memorial headstones and markers. You can opt for companion cremation headstones too, to memorialize a loving couple.

These products are available in different materials such as granite, bronze, marble, slate, etc. Gravestones made of granite and bronze are more popular as they are durable and easy to maintain.

If opting for granite gravestone, you can also choose a beautiful color of your choice such as Moonlight Gray, Sierra White, Sunset Beige, Sunset Red, Texas Pearl, Charcoal, Starlite Pink, Royal Emerald, and so on.

Plus, there are interesting carving options in different lettering styles, most popular being Deep V Sunk. Apart from getting the name and dates of birth and death of the deceased engraved on the stone, you can also get a personalized message, poem, eulogy or simply a memorial quote carved on the stone to pay a loving tribute.

Before you place your order, though, make sure you check the cemetery rules and regulations for the marker.
Certain online stores such as Memorials.com also do the cemetery verification to check on the cemetery rules and requirements. Besides, you can try other stores like Buymemorials.com, worldwidestones.com , etc. for different designs.

In some cremation grave markers, there is the option to store the ashes in a vault container attached to the memorial, under the name and date plate.

When getting the cremated remains buried in an urn garden, be aware that some urn gardens may require the cremation urns to be placed within urn vaults for burial.

In addition to gravestones and grave markers, cremation pillars and monuments also serve as lasting memorials.

If you have not decided as yet whether you want a proper cremation or burial for your loved one then read this article for a comparative analysis of both the options.

In case you are wondering about the funeral arrangements to be made after cremation, the National Funeral Directors Association suggests that it is completely up to you to decide due to the increased flexibility.

For instance, if you wish, you can go for a graveside ceremony with memorial prayers and religious rites before placing the gravestone or marker during cremation burial.