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Selecting Designs For Gravestones

When purchasing a gravestone, your monument dealer is likely to show you a catalog featuring various styles and designs of gravestones to help you choose a design that suit you best. Thus, you would like to select a beautiful design that reflects the departed loved one’s personality.

Before shopping for the headstone or gravestone, you can also think of a creative and unique design yourself.

You can incorporate intricate details and artwork to enhance the appearance of the marker in order to memorialize the deceased.

More often than not, people go for rectangular, round, or decorative corners, cluster of flowers with green foliage on the corner, or flowers like roses, lilies, tulips, carnations, daisies, etc. at the top or center.

Besides, designs representing specific hobbies or interests of the deceased, too, can be included. For instance, you may use a guitar design on the headstone for a loved one who loved playing music.

Other common designs and symbols used on gravestones are praying hands, dogwood, oak wood, weeping angels, Star of David, open book, Bible, cross, doves, religious emblems, and so on. These symbols are meaningful and traditional.

When looking for a more modern design, you can think of other options, too. For example, in a companion headstone, you can incorporate entwined wedding rings to symbolize unending love and devotion.

Similarly, infant gravestones can be engraved with cherubs, teddy bears, toy trains, alphabet blocks, cute animals, and so on.

Besides, you may personalize a headstone or tombstone by getting your favorite photo of the deceased loved one laser etched on the stone. You may consider opting for a ceramic photograph as well.

Furthermore, you can get the gravestone monument made in the shape of a heart, book, scroll, tear drop, teddy bear, angelic figure, etc. instead of the regular rectangular shape. Plus, you can add a variety of artwork motifs.

In addition, you can choose a fabulous color like black, blue, green, red, grey, and so on. Plus, select a nice inscription or epitaph to be engraved on the stone to memorialize and honor the deceased. Needless to say, select a beautiful font style for the text.

While selecting the text and artwork, though, make sure your design looks aesthetically pleasing and not cluttered.

Thus, keep the size and dimensions of the monument in mind while choosing the design. For example, it is better not to use oversized motifs on small markers.

If you are bothered whether the shape and design you select can be used on the gravestone or not, then rest assured that most gravestone materials can be engraved easily. Sand-blasting is the most popular technique used for this purpose.

You can also select from a wide variety of designs when purchasing a gravestone online. Some sites even allow you to design the headstone yourself through applications that allow you to relay the textual and graphical information you want to include on the stone.