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Headstones And Grave Markers

Headstones, gravestones, tombstones, and grave markers are used to mark the resting place of the deceased loved ones.

In earlier times, these markers were constructed of wood, fieldstone, slate, iron, etc. Furthermore, until the 18th century, tombstones were used as stone lids for coffins.

Nowadays, however, people usually prefer headstones made of granite, marble, and bronze. Other materials that can be used for this purpose include limestone, sandstone, soapstone, and stainless steel.

Bronze markers with vases, in particular, look attractive and elegant. In fact, they are mostly used to honor veterans. Some cemeteries even have separate bronze marker sections. Bronze markers with granite bases also look great.

Headstones or grave markers are available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. They can be in the form of flat, upright, slant, bevel, and ledger markers.

As these memorial markers are costly and difficult to arrange at a short notice, people often consider getting temporary grave markers made of metal (steel, aluminum, brass, etc.) or wood.

They can be used temporarily up to 12 months and then replaced by a permanent new marker. These temporary markers can be personalized with the name and dates of birth and death of the departed loved one to mark the burial site.

Pedestal-type markers with attached rod include Bristol cards or nameplates for this purpose. When removed, they can be used as garden ornaments. A temporary marker can be placed in a garden of remembrance or memorial garden, too.

Find information about temporary grave markers, here. If you want to make a temporary grave marker yourself, then read this article from eHow. On the other hand, you can also pre-order a grave marker or headstone.

While purchasing gravestones, remember that it is not necessary to buy the funeral and memorial products from the funeral home you have hired for arranging funeral or memorial service.

The Funeral Rule enforced by the Federal Trade Commission explicitly states this to protect the consumers and discourage the funeral providers from taking advantage of their emotionally distressed customers by pushing unnecessary and expensive products to them.

You can read about the Funeral Rule at the Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center. Here is an article from How To Do Things.com giving tips on how to buy discount grave markers.

Thus, you can look for headstones at various funeral homes, local monument companies, and online stores. While selecting the products, you should compare their prices and select designs that you find appealing.

You can also get a personalized message, quote, or epitaph engraved on the stone. Moreover, you may get a meaningful symbol such as a cross, flower, book, etc., etched on the gravestone.

Besides, consider adding accessories like plaques or statues on the monument. Before buying the marker, though, make sure you check with the cemetery about the sort of headstones they allow.

You can find further information on headstones and gravestones at the Association For Gravestone Studies website and Cremation Resource

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