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How To Select A Gravestone?

A gravestone for your loved one has got to be beautiful and unique. However, you also need to pay attention to the price so that it does not exceed your budget.

So, you will have to explore several options to help find the perfect memorial headstone to honor the deceased.

It is suggested that you also consider the regulations and guidelines provided by the cemetery in which you would be getting the gravestone installed. After all, such a huge and significant investment should not go in vain.

You can start by deciding the type of material you want. Headstones can be made of marble, granite, slate, sandstone, fieldstone, limestone, bronze, and other similar materials.

Granite and bronze are considered best in this regard because they are attractive, durable, easy to maintain, and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Find out more about gravestone materials on this page.

Some modern memorial parks and cemeteries only allow grave markers prepared from either or both these materials.

Granite headstones, in particular, come in a variety of colors like white, grey, red, pink, black, blue, green, etc. Prices of different colored granite, however, vary.

Sandstone and slate gravestones are also available in different colors. Besides, marble headstones look aesthetic and appealing.

On the downside, inscriptions on such tombstones tend to fade over a period of time as it gradually dissolves due to acid contained in rain water.

In addition, you need to decide whether you want names of other family members included in the same gravestone or not. If you need headstones for a couple, you may go for a companion headstone meant for two individuals.

Plus, you can choose from a variety of symbols, designs, lettering fonts, and finishes or the option to have a laser etched photo of the deceased on the gravestone. You also need to look for appropriate sayings, verses, quotes, etc. to pay respects to the loved one.

You can make the gravestone even more special and meaningful by composing a beautiful poem or epitaph yourself.

When considering about getting a particular symbol engraved on the stone, it is suggested to do a little research on its meaning and significance so that you can find out whether it is suitable or not. You can view different symbols and their meanings here and here.

Moreover, if you are not interested in getting a traditional rectangular tombstone, you may opt for some other shape. Gravestones are mostly available in eight basic shapes:

capped stone
pedestal with surmount
sculptured cross.

Besides, you can opt for a flat (flat or flush headstones require less maintenance), slat, or bevel grave marker. Upright monuments, too, look appealing.

Before ordering the gravestone, make sure you check with the cemetery about the size and height of gravestones they allow even if you are getting the work done by a local monument company that knows about the cemetery requirements.

Most cemeteries regulate the size of the headstones in order to maintain uniformity. Memorial headstones and gravestones can also be ordered online. If your loved one has been cremated, you may consider looking for cremation monuments that hold ashes.

Choosing a gravestone with a vase is another wonderful idea. In addition, you can incorporate other ideas to personalize the headstone.

To get a better idea of the different styles of headstones, you may walk through cemeteries and take photos to explain the type of headstone you want.

If you have further doubts about selecting the right headstone or monument then you may read this article from Funeral Guide.