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How To Decorate Gravestones?

A gravestone can be decorated with articles like wreaths, flowers, stones, and other decorative objects, etc. It is a way of showing respect to the deceased loved one.

Nevertheless, when planning to decorate the headstone, make sure you check the rules and regulations of the cemetery or memorial park so that you do not violate their policies.

You can come up with creative ideas about decorating the headstone or gravestone if you take hints from the deceased loved one’s personality, nature, achievements, hobbies, and other similar aspects.

Ideas for decorating a gravestone and gravesite

  • The most popular method for decorating a tombstone to honor the deceased is to add a wreath, grave blanket, or some other aesthetic floral arrangement on it.

    You may bring natural or artificial flowers, too. Avoid bringing artificial flowers during the growing season, though. Make sure the item is approved by the cemetery. Nevertheless, most cemeteries prefer fresh-cut flowers.

  • Ask the cemetery ground keeper about the type of trees that you may plant at the gravesite. Choose a small tree, shrub, or potted flowering plant from the available options and plant it near the grave or on the sides to pay respect to the departed loved one as it serves as a living memorial.

    Trim the plant every year when you visit the site to avoid overgrowth that may hide the gravestone. Though pretty, still avoid planting rose bush as it requires extra care.

    More often than not, people plant chrysanthemums, wildflowers, and geraniums at the headstones as they require minimal maintenance.

  • The gravestone of an infant or young child can be decorated with a teddy bear or some other adorable toy.
  • On special occasions like birthday, any anniversary, death anniversary, etc. you may have a small memorial gathering organized at the grave site with decoration around the grave.

    However, it is advised to remove this sort of decoration before you leave as it may be inappropriate and disrespectful for other mourners.

  • During Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., you may put up decorations that reflect the occasion. However, make sure you remove the items within a week.
  • People generally decorate the grave site with a cross, a decorative flag pole with a decorative flag, stepping stones (flush with the ground), hinged veteran emblems, solar lights, a framed photo of the departed loved one or family, a bird feeder, pinwheels, etc.

    Moreover, you can make use of objects such as sea glass, sea shell, marble chips, garden ornaments, craft stones, mosaic stones, and other gravestone décor items.

  • You may prepare a grave cross yourself by using assorted evergreens and berries on a plastic foam cross base.
  • Placing a piece of memorabilia as a reminder of a special event or occasion is another headstone decoration idea worth considering.
  • You can bring religious memorial pebbles but avoid outlining the border of the grave site with rocks or fencing material. It is better to plan the type of decoration you want and then go shopping for the items. You may plan a candlelight vigil, too.

It is suggested that you inform the cemetery about your gravestone decoration plans so that the gifts, memorials, and tributes which you leave on the grave site are not removed during the regular cleaning. In addition, avoid leaving valuable items on the gravestone as they could be stolen.