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Selection Of Colors For Gravestones

A wide range of color options for gravestones is usually available when you purchase a granite gravestone or headstone. Nevertheless, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, soapstone, etc. may also exhibit different colors and textures.

Moreover, certain materials like onyx have bands of different colors. Besides, monuments may also feature semi-precious stones. Coming to granite gravestones, they are available in colors like:

  • Academy Black, American Black, Jet Black, North Star Black, India Black, Impala Black, Eagle Black, Frosty Black, Star Galaxy
  • Blue Ridge, Bahama Blue, Butterfly Blue, Vizag Blue, Eagle Blue

  • Select Grey, Light Grey, Georgia Grey, Gray Cloud, Barre Gray, Gray Cloud, Cera Gray, Coral Gray, Moonlight Gray
  • Autumn Rose, Morning Rose, Colonial Rose, Velvet Rose, Canadian Pink, Salisbury Pink, Golden Pink, China Pink, Starlight Pink, St. Alban’s Pink, Imperial Pink
  • Emerald Pearl, Royal Emerald, Blue Pearl, White Pearl, Luna Pearl, Sierra White
  • Mahogany, Dakota Mahogany, New Mahogany, Antique Brown, Autumn Brown, Desert Brown, Tan Brown, Rainbow
  • American Bouquet, Bellingham, Paradisco
  • Sierra White, Oconee
  • Tropical Green, Ocean Green, Forest Green, Ebony Mist
  • Rega Red, India Red, Sunset Red, Missouri Red, Mountain Red, Wausau Ruby Red, Maple Red, Balmoral
  • Coral Gold, Butterfly Gold

The computer-generated colors and shades shown here may slightly vary from the actual stone because granite is a natural material. People mostly choose colors that reflect the deceased loved one’s personality.

In addition, the choice of color also depends on the type of design you opt for as it can either enhance or subdue the overall appeal and attractiveness of the stone.

Moreover, of these different colors, those granite stones that have a fine grain pattern are considered excellent for carving gravestones and memorial monuments. Others, nevertheless, can be used for a bronze and granite grave marker with bronze top of granite base.

Granite colors with medium to fine grain pattern include Morning Rose, Sierra White, India Red, India Black, Academy Black, Butterfly Gold, Barre Gray, Georgia Grey, Salisbury Pink, Colonial Rose, and so on.

The colors and textures tend to vary due to random mineral distribution in the stone. Fine-grained granite stone is produced due to fast cooling of the liquid mass.

You can read about the formation of granite at sophisticatededge.com. In addition, you can visit Wikipedia to get further information about granite.

Prices of these different granite colors, however, tend to vary as they are quarried from different quarries throughout the world.

Thus, the cost of the stone goes up when a particular granite color is imported from countries like Norway, China, India, South Africa, Brazil, etc. The most popular granite color for headstones in US is grey.

There is also a good selection of colors in marble such as blue, green, white, pink, peach, brown, and so on.

Apart from colors, you can choose different types of finishes like polished, rustic, sanded, chiseled edge, balance rock pitch, matte, etc.

Needless to say, make sure you comply with the cemetery regulations while selecting headstone colors and styles.